The Food Bank of Northeast Georgia will work toward ending hunger as part of an overall community effort to alleviate poverty.

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Food Bank of Northeast Georgia Releases Annual Report

Aug 29, 2014 by Susan Dodson

The Food Bank of Northeast Georgia has released our 2013-2014 Annual Report. Please click on the icon at the bottom left of our home page to see all of the exciting news and highlights.

Classic City BBQ Festival a Success

Aug 22, 2014 by Susan Dodson

Due to the success of the Classic City BBQ Festival Raffle, the Food Bank of Northeast Georgia will be able to provide over 51,000 meals to members of our community who might otherwise go hungry. Thank you to all of the people who bought raffle tickets, played our Spin to Win game, and purchased t-shirts. Thanks also to Dr. Phillip Lanoue, Charles Russell and Food Bank President John Becker, who helped raise funds by s...

100% of Proceeds from Tailgate Trade Show Raffle to benefit Food Bank of Northeast Georgia

Aug 13, 2014 by Susan Dodson

On August 15 and 16, 2014, the Classic Center will host the Classic City BBQ Festival and Tailgate Trade Show. This is an official sanctioned event of the Kansas City BBQ Society and an official stop on the Georgia BBQ Championship 2014 tour. A portion of the proceeds from the festival will benefit the Food Bank. The Classic Center and the Food Bank hope to raise 50,000 meals from the proceeds of this event. One of the...

Classic City BBQ

Aug 7, 2014 by Susan Dodson

August 15 and 16

The Food Bank of Northeast Georgia Kicks Off Capital Campaign

Aug 4, 2014 by Susan Dodson

Pay day is one week away and the cupboards are nearly empty. The electric bill is ten days past due and the gas tank is running low. The last of your monthly income will not cover every essential. What choices do you make? How will you put healthy food on your family’s table? The Food Bank of Northeast Georgia provides vital nourishment so that families do not have to make the impossible choice to go hungry. In partner...

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